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270.00 AZN 243.00 AZN

Power: 200 W;
Energy consumption: 220 – 240 V/50 Hz;
Running time: 15 min.;
Resting period: 30 min.;
Washable filter brush;
Reverse function (Reverse system);
LCD display;
Easy to clean;
Colour: silver;
Volume of juice and pulp container: 1 Lt.;
Diameter of loading head: 64 mm.


Our Juicer is designed to squeeze 100% natural fruit juice. Standard juicers create heat in foods due to their high-speed rotating blades. Consequently, fruits expose to oxidation and lose the vitamins. But Juicer will help you to get tasty fruit and vegetable juices being rich in 6 times more vitamins by its new technology. By Juicer’s perfect system you will get more natural fruit juices with minimum food loss. Juicer softly squeezes a number of vegetables and fruits without using blade and keeps all vitamins and minerals. Therefore, everyone who takes care of his/her health and wishes to start each day with full of energy has an opportunity to easily prepare the healthiest and tastiest fruit juice.