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350.00 AZN

Includes: 1 pan+1 automatic lid + 2 steamer baskets
– 1 basket handle
Capacity – 13 l.
Diameter – 28 cm.
Body – High quality stainless steel 18/10 (chromium – nickel )



Bright, polished surface;
Automatic lid that can be opened with one hand;
Fast and equal heat distribution;
Heat resistant automatic handles;
Keeping heat for a long time;
Maintaining minerals and vitamins;
You will cook the foods (meat, chicken, cereal etc.), which requires too much time to cook, in a short period and save your time. Pressure cookers are environmentally friendly because they are made of stainless steel (chromium-nickel 18/10). Automatic locking lid keeps the steam inside and prevents not to open during operation. After releasing steam by opening the safety screw, lid automatically opens. Before using pressure cooker read the instruction carefully. The pot must contain water. Cooking without water can damage the pot. Cooking time is determined after the closing of the lid.
Do not try to open the lid of pan before reducing the pressure by opening the safety screw.
Since the food is prepared in a short time, it maintains its minerals, vitamins and useful substances;
Food is cooked in a short time;
Pressure cooker made of stainless steel is not harmful to your health;
Everyone knows that food cooked in conventional pans, long cooking time lose their useful substances – minerals and vitamins that are necessary for your body. But pressure pot during cooking maintains these qualities in itself.