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The ability to use its double side;
Highly heat – resistant, nonstick;
5-layer granite internal and 3-layer external coating;
Magnet handles;
A spare nonleaking silicone band;
1 additional cover
Size: 36 cm x 26 cm x 75 cm;
Color: black.


Easy to clean, ideal for delicious frying meals with little oil.
The unique taste of food with double-sided pans.
Thanks to this double-sided frying pan you will cook tasteful food saving time, frying each side of food without odor, burning and sticking, using little oil. Thanks to the silicone rubber band, pan is tightly closed and retains the steam inside. An excessive steam leaves through the vent hole. You will cook your food both in steam and frying. There are no items containing toxic and canserogenic substances. Easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand.