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Pot 20 cm
Pot 24 cm
Pot 28 cm
Pot 32 cm
Deep frying pan 32 cm


Thank to transparent glass lids (5 pcs), cooking process can be seen.
Granite-coated surface made on the basis of new technology.
The outer surface – 3-time heat – resistant, black coated.
The inner surface – dark purple granite and marble coated designed with the 5-time latest technology.
Heat-resistant and silicone coated exquisite bakelite handles.
Food cooked in these pans keeps the aroma, the taste quality, as well as the content of vitamins and minerals. These pans do not contain any toxic and cancerogenic substances.
Tips for long – term use of products:
For the durability of the products it is recommended to wash by hand with a soft sponge and shampoo.
When using the products it is recommended to use wooden or other means instead of metallic ones.
Do not heat the pan without oil and water.
Attention! Using metal washing materials can cause scratches and to lose the non-stick feature.