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Power supply: 220-240 v-50/60 Hz;
Power, W: 1950-2300 W;
Capacity: 5.0 litres;
Teapot, capacity 1 litre;
Material: stainless steel / porcelain;
Features: teapot;
colour indicator;
temperature regulation;
heat storage function;
Safety: automatic switch off after boiling;
hidden heat element;
automatic switch off warning about working without water;
Heat rate: 5 types (75℃ / 85℃/ 90℃ / 95℃ / 100℃);
Colour: silver;
The set includes: a samovar, a porcelain teapot – a brew basket that can be washed;
Packaging size: 31 x 31 x 38 cm.


The electric samovar will always be an ornament of your table with a teapot. This classic style electric samovar, together with the teapot, does not occupy much space on the table and will decorate all the kitchens. Samovar is made of unstainable metal and equipped with thermostat control. It has the function to constantly keep the water inside the samovar warm. You can select any heat rate among 75℃ / 85℃/ 90℃ /95℃ /100℃ and 100℃ degrees from the temperature regulation. After the temperature is selected, 1 ‘beep’ sound indicates connection. The amount of water in the samovar must not exceed the maximum and minimum limit, otherwise you may damage the samovar. The teapot has a porcelain material, and with a stainless steel brew basket, the tea litters remain in the teapot. The samovar should be washed clean when using for the first time. Throw away the water after boiling, do not drink it. Never wash the bottom part of the samovar.