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Voltage: 100-240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz;
Regulating curling time with LCD screen: 3-12 seconds;
Regulating heat degree with LCD screen: 120°C-220°C;
Kind of turning speed with LCD screen: 5 types;
Durable heat technology: ceramic heating element;
Automatic rotation button to right and left sides;
Automatic shutdown function after 60 minutes in case of not using;
Extractable protective hood;
Diameter of ceramic barrel: 21 mm;
Length of ceramic barrel: 12 cm;
General length of hair iron: 37 cm;
Length of conductor rotating 360 degree: 2.5 m.


Now it is very easy to make hair slightly, big and natural wavy and big curly via Automatic curling hair iron. Barrel rotating automatically 360 degree will twine quickly your hair to ceramic barrel and help you obtain perfect result without twining your hair by hand to ceramic barrel. Ceramic barrel heats by protecting brightness and sparkle of your hair, and creates nice view by curling long-lasting naturally via durable technology. Hot ceramics and rotating circle always measure hair heat and protect your hair against overheating. When standard heat rises, heat system shuts down automatically, so your hair does not burn. You can regulate heat from 120°C to 220° C on LCD screen according to your hair type in the following degrees:
Limp hair: 120° C- 160° C;
Normal hair that is made easily: 160°C – 180° C;
Thick hair that is made difficultly: 180° C- 200°C;
Hair that is hard, dry and does not keep curly: 200°C – 220° C;
Noisy notification signal:
Depending on your thickness, different parameters between 3-12 seconds will notify by signaling with “bip” sound and thanks to it, you will know how many seconds you need to keep the ceramic barrel on your hair. Your hair will be curled entirely in the same form because you keep every handful hair during the same time.
Slightly and big wave: 6 seconds;
Natural wave: 9 seconds;
Big curls: 12 seconds.