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Type: Bagless Vacuum cleaner;
Power consumption – 1800 W;
Suction power: 240 V;
Transparent container;
Type of filter: cyclone filter and HEPA filter;
Length of cord: 8 m;
Type of tube: metal telescopic;
Carrying handle;
Automatic cord rewind;
Nozzle for cleaning corners;
Nozzle for cleaning furniture and parquet;
Dust bin capacity: 3.5 L.


Thanks to the high engine power and special filter systems, vacuum cleaner does not lose its power during continuous using. Special cyclone technology collects the dust into the center of transparent waste bin like a hose. Ergonomic and dynamic designed Bagless vacuum cleaner provides healthy environment in your house with its high engine power of 1800 W and powerful vacuum of 240 V. HEPA 13 filter, stabilizing suction power with two different filter systems, minimize allergic problems by keeping 99.9% of bacteria and dust in itself. Modern cyclone filter system both keeps more dust and enables HEPA 13 filter to be clean for longer time analyzing thick and thin dust. Bagless vacuum cleaner makes the cleaning practical through its 3,5 –l transparent waste container. You can clean the waste container washing with water upon opening the lid and releasing the dust. Cyclone filter keeps the dust compressing with air via using its suction power and removes loss of suction power. HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Airfilter) filters are those trapping the dust particles which can cause infectious disease such as asthma and allergy. This filter cleans the air not only from virus, absorbing dust, small solid particles, pollen but also asbestos, bacteria and various toxic dust. HEPA filter is capable of removing 99.95% of contaminant particles 0.1-0.3 micrometer diameter.