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    Indicators of power source: 100 – 240 V/50/60 Hz;
    Nominal power: 3.7 V DC, 3 W;
    Operation: mechanical;
    Assignment: for mustache, beard and hair cut;
    Material of case: plastic;
    Material of blades: titan coated hard steel and ceramic blade;
    Width of blades: 40 mm;
    Color: metallic, black-dark blue;
    Display: LCD display.

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    Power: 2000 W;
    Energy consumption: 220 – 240 V/50 Hz;
    LCD display;
    AC engine;
    Number of intensive air flow rate: 5;
    Temperature mode: 5;
    Other modes: cold air supply, ionization;
    Number of heads: 2 pieces;
    Wire length: 3 m.;
    Dimensions: 230 mm x 280 mm x 95 mm.

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    Voltage: 100-240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz;
    Regulating curling time with LCD screen: 3-12 seconds;
    Regulating heat degree with LCD screen: 120°C-220°C;
    Kind of turning speed with LCD screen: 5 types;
    Durable heat technology: ceramic heating element;
    Automatic rotation button to right and left sides;
    Automatic shutdown function after 60 minutes in case of not using;
    Extractable protective hood;
    Diameter of ceramic barrel: 21 mm;
    Length of ceramic barrel: 12 cm;
    General length of hair iron: 37 cm;
    Length of conductor rotating 360 degree: 2.5 m.

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